What is speech disorder?

A speech disorder refers to a communication disorder in which an individual has difficulty producing speech sounds correctly or fluently it involves problems with the physical production or motor coordination of speech sounds. affecting the clarity.rhythm and (or) voice quality of a person s spoken language 1) Articulation Disorders: these involve difficulties in producing specific …

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Autism and Repetitive behaviors

Repetitive behaviours are the characteristic features of ASD. These undesirable or purposeless behaviour are considered as the symptomology of ASD. There are different types of repetitive behaviours which are seen among children with ASD. They include lining up on toys. Spinning objects, rocking, flapping etc. Repetitive behaviour can also include or involve saying, thinking about …

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Types of Behavioral Therapy and who can be benefits?

Behavioral Therapy Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth—Marcus Aurelius. Behavioral therapy is a wide range of techniques which is used to change dysfunctional behavior. Behavioral therapy is used to strengthen desirable behaviors and to eliminate the undesirable ones with the help of reinforcement …

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