What is speech disorder?

A speech disorder refers to a communication disorder in which an individual has difficulty producing speech sounds correctly or fluently it involves problems with the physical production or motor coordination of speech sounds. affecting the clarity.rhythm and (or) voice quality of a person s spoken language

1) Articulation Disorders: these involve difficulties in producing specific speech sounds.for example –(A person may substitute.omit .distort (or) add sounds making their speech difficult to understand

2) Phonological Disorder:
These occur when a person has difficulty organizing and using the rules for speech sounds in their language.they may have difficulty with sound pattern or may simplify words by leaving out certain sounds..

3) Fluency Disorder:
Commonly known as stuttering.fluency disorder involves disruption in the normal flow or rhythm of speech .A person may repeat sounds syllables.(or) words . experience prolonged pauses or blocks.or exhibit tense physical movements while speaking…..

4.voice Disorders : voice disorders involve problems with the vocal quality, pitch, or loudness of speech.For example, a person’s voice may be hoarse, harsh, breathy, or excessively nasal.

Speech disorders can significantly impact a person’s ability to communicate effectively and may lead to social, educational,or occupational challenges.