Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy involves usage of assessment, observations, interventions to develop the adequate skills, maintain ,monitor progress of meaningful activities of affected population and make development desirable for living.


We at LIVE WELL are destined  make a long-term and tangible difference in kids daily lives. We do this by helping each child to participate in the day-to-day activities that they find most meaningful and age appropriate. We strive to each kids unique potential as per their ability to navigate what ever challenges they face ranging from their ADL’s , sensory modulation, hyperactivity, milestone development, sensorial issues etc after core analysis and  ever evolving research centered scientific evidence researched individualized plans to take their development holistically independent and thus making them to mainstream with inclusion, equality, equity

We are assuring  your kids support for integration and mainstreaming


1. Enhances social and play skills. occupational therapy can enhance a child’s social and play skills with peers by working on functional play, taking turns, sharing, expressing emotions, understanding social cues, etc. At LIVE WELL REHABILITATION NETWORK , we offer a social group where children can practice these skills and build peer relationships!

2. Improves executive functioning skills: occupational therapy can address executive functioning skills such as attention, organization, initiation, sequencing, and memory to improve academic performance and ability to complete daily routines more independently.

3. Improves visual perceptual/visual motor skills: these skills involve your ability to organize and interpret visual input and give it meaning. An occupational therapy can help to improve your child’s visual motor/perceptual skills as they are important for everyday tasks such as handwriting, playing, and reading.

4. Regulates sensory processing difficulties: occupational therapy can help your child better receive and respond to the sensory input they are receiving whether it be tolerating different types of clothing, decreasing sensory seeking for better regulation, or trying new food textures etc.

5. Increases independence in activities of daily living: activities of daily living are those important routine activities such as feeding, dressing, and grooming. Occupational therapy can help your child complete daily living routines with increased independence and ease.

6. Improves fine motor skills: fine motor skills are those related to the coordination of the smaller muscles of your hands and fingers. Fine motor skills are important for academic success, manipulating clothing fasteners, and more . occupational therapy can help improve your child’s fine motor coordination to improve their ability to complete everyday tasks more independently.

7. IMPROVE GROSS MOTOR SKILLS ;Gross motor skills involve the large muscles of the body which are important for crawling, walking, jumping, catching a ball etc. Occupational therapy can help your child improve these skills as they are important for locomotion, stability, postural control, and balance.

Why does a child need Occupational Therapy?

Many people are first introduced to occupational therapy through a referral for their child. Occupational therapists work with children of all ages in neonatal units, schools, and outpatient settings.

Our OTs help children participate in age-appropriate daily activities. We strive to understand each child’s unique strengths to help them navigate whatever challenges they face. We also closely follow the ever-evolving research on childhood conditions, so that we can provide the most up-to-date care possible.
Do your child needs support in all activities of daily life?
Don’t worry, Reach us we will make you child independent.
“We assure you of support that will remove all other unnecessary supports”

Autism Integrated Therapy

We are delivering best quality services for various age groups of autism children. There is no reason for autism but true love and dedication can definitely help them to be Normal.

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